XC Ski Trail Conditions




For years we have shoveled tons snow to make up for imperfections in the surface of the ski trails. This year we got smart and rented a bulldozer for 4 days and a skier (Pete) smoothed and widened the dirt surface on almost every ski trail and fixed a lot of the Fat Bike trails too. Once the bulldozing was complete, a month long hand smoothing effort commenced. Thank you to the one volunteer who helped for two days in my solo effort. On Fathers day this year we suffered from the worst storm I can ever remember. The driveway have over 30 trees across it. Four cabins had trees on their roof. It took me from Fathers day to Aug 30th, with every spare moment of my time, to clear all the trails of all the fallen trees. Now its time to ski!

Fat Bike Trails are separate from ski trails. No Fat Bikes,walkers, snowshoes or dogs are allowed on our ski trails.

We are known for the best grooming ANYWHERE.

 TRAIL FEES: Skiing $10 Snowshoeing $5 Fat Biking $5 Per Person per day 9am-Dusk-no night skiing (must sign in)

 The FAT BIKE/Snowshoe trails have been totally revamped to allow snowmobile grooming on most trails, while remaining very tight to barely fit a snowmobile. The natural contour of the forest floor have made a pumptrack/flow feel to many sections of trail. If you like singletrack mountain bike trails, you are going to love our groomed Fat Bike Trails. FAT BIKE RENTALS AT FOREVER YOUNG BIKE AND SKI EAGLE RIVER 715-617-0735 $45 a day. MELS TRADING POST IN RHINELANDER.  1-800-236-MELS 

We are located 1 mile from Upper Michigan and average 123″ of snow a year.

For the best possible conditions, we only groom at night. We are proud to use Tidd Tech grooming equipment and do grooming research almost every night.